If you still don’t have a garbage disposal, you must have a blur idea of how it looks, works, and function. We will help you to find out more about this kitchen appliance and understand how to choose a good model.

If you look through the garbage disposal models, both horsepower and grind capacity characteristics will be mentioned. However, just a set of numbers tells you nothing, so here we will explain what they mean.


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Garbage disposals have horsepower which measures its size and speed. Budget models range from1/3. More than this and over 1 indicate a powerful motor work. The stronger the motor, the more costly the appliance and the more type of food waste it can grind.

There are two popular garbage disposal brands – Waste King and InSinkerator that are considered as solid and durable. If you look at this brand appliance models with the horsepower 1/3, you can find a great deal with necessary features for getting rid of food waste and smell.

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Grinding Capacity

Grinding capacity defines the type of food a garbage disposal can process. The higher the index, the better grinding capacity the appliance has. So, if you are looking for a powerful and really reliable garbage disposal, you should look for these two features. The middle class and expensive appliances have sturdy motors that prolong the disposals effectiveness and life.

It is best to get a garbage disposal with a lower horsepower and grinding capacity if you live n your own or with someone. However, for a family it is recommended to spend more money and get the appliance with a strong motor.